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[LIVE Update] Mulla Talai Tense: Stone Pelting, Assault reported


4:00 PM: More than 7 people are detained by the police 4:45 PM: Three regiments of Mewar Bhil Corps are conducting a house-to-house search for arresting the accused in the ‘Manish assault’ case. 5:38 PM: Bherulal and Ramdas from Gandhinagar and Nikhil and Bansilal residents of OTC scheme received injuries. 5:39 PM: Another injured Shaista and Shaheena lodged complain against unknown attackers. 5:47 PM: We apologize for misstating that police is closing shops, police didn’t asked anyone to close the shops. A group of men asked shopkeepers to shut down the shops, shops and market are running normal and peaceful. 6:03 PM: Situation is completely under control and calm. 6:25 PM: Section 144 enforced  in the city



Incidence of stone pelting has been reported from Mulla Talai area after a restaurant owner was allegedly thrashed by a group of people. A large police force has been deployed in the area to control the tense situation.

Crisis started when Vinayak Restaurant’s owner Manish alias Pintu was allegedly beaten by a group of people. Manish lodged police complaint stating that he was beaten up by nearly 50 people who also ransacked his shop and manhandled his mother.

Community people strongly condemned the attack and gathered outside Ambamata Police Station demanding the arrest of all accused within one hour.

District Collector, Police Superintendent, Additional S.P, Dy.S.P and SHOs of all police stations are at the Ambamata Police station and trying to solve the matter.

Today afternoon, at around 3:30pm reports of stone pelting were reported from Mulla Talai.


Around the same time, a 12-year old girl Shaista and another girl Shaheena were also injured when both girls were allegedly attacked by a group while they were going somewhere in an auto rickshaw.

Police jawans from Mewar Bhil Corps have been stationed there to bring the situation under control. Police lathi-charge has also been reported from the area.

No confirmation has been received so far as to how the fight started but sources say that the clash is a result of anti-religious comment posted on social networking site Facebook.

The commenter, whose identity has also not been confirmed, posted a reply on anti-religious comment under the name ‘pint sa’.

Attackers might have believed that Manish alias Pintu is the same person who commented on that controversial comment. However, there is no proof or any official statement released by the victim or police to confirm the same.


S.P Hariprasad Sharma appeal to Udaipur Citizens: There is no need to react on anything posted on facebook; any anti religious or malicious posts on facebook is the work of ignorant people and it should be straightly avoided.


UdaipurTimes.com crime reporter Sohail Khan with Sayeed Ahmed and Praveen Singh Chouhan are covering the incidence.

We will keep you updated with the latest happenings and request you to keep away from rumors.





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