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Local Internships: Voluntary Opportunity for the Change You Want to See


AIESEC in Udaipur, the local chapter of the world’s largest youth run organization brings the youth of Udaipur a wonderful opportunity, Local Internships!

AIESEC, with its international platform, is known to bring the world issues together and work on them for a better society and to develop the community through our Exchange programs. With the same motto, two social projects are about to be started in Udaipur in collaboration of some NGOs. The NGOs helping us with the same are: Cos-v, Jatan Sansthan, Aasra Vikas Sewa Samiti, Prayatna and Gayatri Seva Sansthan.

The projects named Project FootPrints and Strengthening Women and Rural India (SWAR) are two upcoming projects by AIESEC in Udaipur.

Project Footprints is a project which takes the responsibility of creating a hand of help for all those Children who are in need, who lack resources, who have zeal to do something in their life but are refrained because of various financial and infrastructural problems.

Our second project, Strengthening Women and Rural India (SWAR);

The vision of this project is to provide services for needy individuals living in rural areas to develop life skills, improve their livelihood and opportunity for a better standard of living by initiating and developing various services targeting their needs.

14 interns from various countries will be joining us.

Do you want to accompany them as intern in these wonderful projects in Udaipur?

Be a part of the change you want to see in the society? Along with the issue these projects target, agents of cultural exchange working with foreign interns from different countries and know how different culture can change social values and what else, get recognition from AIESEC and our partner NGOs.

Apply for this opportunity here: http://tinyurl.com/l55ekp6

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