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Madhur Chhanv: Making Future of Children

madhur-chhanvfrom left: Deepmala Gupta and Priti Gupta of Madhur Chhanv

Against all odds, in creating an ideal society, helping hands and social service can prove handy. With a similar view, Deepmala Gupta, founder secretary of “Madhur Chhanv” a NGO dedicated to provide assistance to financially deprived children including their health, education and basic needs.

The former manager in Insurance Company, Deepmala was touched by the social dilemma and sufferings of poor children; she left her day job and dedicated her life to the betterment of the children.

Madhur Chhanv is not just a home for children, but also generate employment for rural women, the organization is involved in cottage industry and manufacturing of craft items, carry bags, envelops, gift boxes and even spices.

In the words of Deepmala, “we manufacture products and generate funds after selling it directly in market; initially required raw materials are provided our women workers through funds raised by members of Madhur Chhanv”.

“We don’t take donations, the funds are solely collected with contributions from around 14 members of our group”, says Deepmala.


The counter of Madhur Chhanv was installed at a handicraft fair and exhibition held recently, Deepmala and her subordinates were working with dedication and also answering our queries about their unending mission of life.

Sharing her ultimate dream, Deepmala told UT, “We have appointed 16 women workers from rural areas at our workshop, where we try to maintain punctuality and quality of work; our only dream is to provide best education to children and make them stand strong in the world.”

Gupta in her calm gesture and confident voice explained their simple strategy, “we produce goods and products according to market requirement and the profit is in turn used to serve kids, with their food, clothing, education, health and other requirements”.

The benefits reaping from their efforts have reached more than 250 children in past 1 year.

As an appeal from Udaipurites, Deepmala mentioned that we want more women to join our NGO as members, so that we can serve maximum number of children in fulfilling their needs.

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