Telangana boy rises from the dead – declared Brain Dead by human error

Doctors false report could have lead to funeral of an alive person...READ ON

Telangana boy rises from the dead – declared Brain Dead by human error

A boy aged 18 years, Kiran, was being put on the funeral pyre after being declared dead by doctors, but he came alive just moments before the funeral.

Kiran was admitted to a government hospital on 26 June as he was suffering from dengue and jaundice and was detected with hepatitis B positive leading to a serious condition.  He was transferred to a private hospital from the government hospital after he slipped into a coma.  On July 4, he was declared dead.  Post the information by the doctor, the 18 year old boy’s family was preparing for his funeral, when the happily unexpected happened.  He was not dead.

Sidamma (mother) noticed a tear flowing from the corners of his eyes. She was shocked and alerted the relatives, who immediately contacted his doctor in Hyderabad and informed him about the situation and doctor advised to give 4 injections.  Within a day, Kiran regained his senses and started talking in a low tone. He was discharged on Sunday and continuing the treatment as per doctor’s advice, said Sidamma.

Call it a miracle or not but the love and prayers of a mother brought her son back from the dead.  Sidamma, whose husband died of ill health in 2005, has another son, Satish, who is in the final at college.

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