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Missing Lakhawali Man died near Charbhuja


The 30-year-old man who was missing from Lakhawali since Dec 5 died on Tuesday 10th Dec near Charbhuja. Prima Facie, extreme cold was the cause of death.

The deceased Mohanlal Meghwal, resident of Lakhawali, Udaipur was employed at a private firm at Madhuban. He went missing and a report for the same was also lodged at police station by his relatives.

Mohanlal was found in semi conscious condition near Nadewa Lake, Charbhuja. He was shivering due to cold and his body was wet and freezing. He was rushed to nearby hospital by villagers but he died during treatment.

According to news published in local daily, Mohanlal told villagers before his death that he was coming from Pali and going towards Udaipur. In between, he thought of relieving himself near lake but accidentally fell in the water body. He was soaked completely due to which he was experiencing cold.

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