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MLSU Deprived of Medal in All India Tournament


All India Power and Weight Lifting Tournament (Women) began at MLSU campus, team MLSU failed to grab any medal on the first day as Meenu Murlidharan got 10th position in her respective weight category, while Mumbai and Gwalior University won a gold medal each.

Today, on the first day of All India Women Tournament Meenu Murlidharan competing in weight category of 52 kg failed, being the only contender in women powerlifting team MLSU has lost the hope of any medal in the competition.

According to Surender Singh, Incharge of organising committee of power lifting, matches of 47 kg and 52 kg weight were held. In the 47 kg matches, Swetha More (Mumbai University) got gold medal with a total lift of 297.5 kg, Aneesha (Kannur University) lifted 292.5 kg to grab silver and Suni Garg (Calicut University) settled with bronze, she lifted 285 kg.

While, in 52 Kg weight category Lmute Patel (Gwalior University) achieved gold with a total lift of 367.5 kg, Pratiksha (Pune University) got silver with a lift of 345 kg and Amita Pujari (Mangalore University) lifted 300 Kg for bronze for her team.

In the remaining tournament, matches of weight category 57, 63 and 76 kg will be played on 27th February.

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