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Most Dangerous Four-Ways In Udaipur

From use of animal driven carts to motor driven vehicles, the mode of transportation has evolved many folds. In series of this evolution, Udaipur too has grown from a small town to a big city. Many changes took place in the recent years in our city; multiplied population, technological advancements, increased needs and wants are few of them.

However, Udaipur’s response to this modernization and its inclination towards automobiles is fastest in the country. Udaipur has the highest density of cars over its population in entire Asia but this is leading to a complete haphazard kind of traffic situation. Major problem faced by people of the city are due to the:

  • Unmanageable circles.
  • Ever increasing traffic.
  • Lack of public awareness.
  • Very few abiding by the rule to wear helmets and using seat belts.
  • Lack of sensitivity on the part of administration.
  • Unnecessary hurry and rash driving.
  • Traffic signals not working properly most of the time.

Reviewing the city, we have mentioned the most annoying and unmanageable squares of Udaipur. Moreover, here we present the problems faced at those locations:

1) Pratap Nagar circle:


It is one of the most dangerous circles because of the intense heavy vehicle traffic. Merging of Sukher bypass and the east-west corridor of the country this circle holds the maximum traffic in the city. The passage holds the traffic of buses and trucks going to Chittorghar, Bhilwara and Jaipur. It is also the connecting route of the Dabok airport to the city. Moreover, the traffic from Madari Industrial Area (MAI) messes up the condition.  Traffic light and traffic rules are mostly broken, which worsens the situation.

2)  Thokar circle:


Presence of Bus Stand, Railway Station and Industrial Area in the locality and a railway crossing over it burdens this square to an unmatchable situation. An Auto Stand and no space to walk on the footpaths due to the vendor shops over them make this circle a complete chaos.

3) Delhi Gate:


Connecting major commercial areas like Bapu Bazar, Ashwini Market with Court Circle, Shastri circle and Suraj Pol lead to a heavy traffic situation on this circle throughout the day. People walk and cross the roads without paying any heed to the signals and Zebra Crossing. Vehicles coming from Shastri Circle and going to Ashwini Market are always in a confusing state about following the traffic light, as the public coming from Suraj Pol do not allow them to cross even if their signal does. Avoidance of traffic rule also deteriorates the condition.

4) Location: Sikh Colony Circle, Durga Nursery Road:


The congestion on this circle is due to the heavy traffic load on it. Traffic of roadways buses, daily wage laborers, students from various colleges and institutes, and from the internal areas like Tekari unites at this point. This is also one of the key routes to go to the highways from the city. Traffic signals are absent and traffic police are unable to manage it because of its overload and congested space.

5) Sukhadia Memorial Circle, Durga Nursery Road:


This is one of the busiest three way circles of Udaipur because of the traffic of coaching institutes and colleges in the vicinity. There is no traffic police on this circle most of the time. Traffic from University Road, Ayad, Ashok Nagar and the one coming from Shastri Circle to these areas merge here. All the three routes of the circles contain very heavy traffic and passers-by move on just by their mutual understanding.

We request our readers to abide by the traffic rules and drive safely!

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  1. Vishal bhopawat says

    the circle at paras cinema also have a hell lot of traffic
    traffic for ahmedabad and that coming from the city and sector side

  2. deepesh says

    thanks to ut team for bringing up this matter. we actully need to pay attention on this.
    breaking up of traffic rules and Conjusted space is the main reason for all traffic problem in udaipur

  3. Manish says

    I have seen that many major accidents took place at or near pratapnagar circle…..even the police station is only some yards away, why cant the stupid cops manage it efficiently?


    Require we follow up the traffic rules but all dangerous place u cant see any traffic policeman that is very big trouble.Why UT forget Udiapole Bus Stand Round Abort.

  5. vijay says

    The entire traffic system depends on your bullet point # 3 and # 5.
    #3 Public awareness is something that is not under the purview of either the administration or traffic police. For instance over taking from the left side is suicidal for for both.

    #5 What is the unnecessary hurry on the part of all vehicle drivers? I am sure if they reach the destination 5 mins later it is not going to cost them the fact that they never reached! The only ones who reached were the people to lift them up for funeral!

  6. Parth Singh Saini says

    Also, the time has come when Udaipurites should understand the importance of Helmet. It is really surprising to see people protesting against the “Compulsion of Helmets”.. Most of the deaths in accident are cause due to head injury!

  7. sunil says

    The city was not designed to handle this kind of chaotic traffic, Even the new areas are lacking proper construction. Some suggestions for improving the traffic:
    Create as many side roads and one ways as possible
    Widen circles to provide more space for turning and accomodate more vehicles
    Put traffic lights on higher poles for visibility
    Have police presence on each of the major circles to enforce rules
    Adjust timings of different institutions to reduce traffic jams
    Decentralize locations of government offices
    Build new overheads and flyovers to divert traffic
    Clean up roads of rocks and other obstructions to widen the area
    Designate parking spaces



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