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Mourners Pay Last Honor to Late Dinesh Tarwadi


Scores of State’s ministers, political leaders, bureaucrats and locals of Udaipur paid their last homage to Late Dinesh Tarwadi, Vice-president of Rajasthan State Scheduled Cast Commission, who passed away on Tuesday, 22 January at Jaipur’s Saket hospital after complaining of constant chest pain.

The corpse of 44-year-old Dinesh Tarwadi was kept at their ancestor’s house at Shakti Nagar’s Valmiki Colony today morning at 10 for visitors.

funeral-procession-tarwadi4Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who arrived in the city late at night, immediately after hearing the sad demise of Dinesh Tarwadi, later arrived today at Shakti Nagar residence of Tarwadi and consoled the devastated family members, including Father of Late leader, his children and wife.

funeral-procession-tarwadi5Preeti, daughter of Dinesh Tarwadi giving last homage to her father

funeral-procession-tarwadi8Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot console family of Late Dinesh Tarwadi

Funeral procession was started from Shakti Nagar to the Hindu cemetery at Ashok Nagar. Hundreds of mourners gathered at cemetery and offered flower rings and garlands to their leader. Sons of Dinesh Tarwadi, Deepak and Ravi gave flames to funeral pyre of their father.




Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot; R.D. Jawa, President State Safai Karmchari Commission; Mangilal Garasia, State Minister for labour and employment; Gopi Ram Meghwal, State President for C.S. Commission and Basanti Devi Meena MLA from Salumber paid their last respect to Tarwadi.

Roopkumar Khurana (UIT Chairman), Rajni Dangi (UMC Chairperson), Nileema Sukhadia, Deepak Sukhadia, Pankaj Sharma, Trilok Purbia (congress activists), Satya NarayanAcharya (UMC Commissioner) etc. were also present in the funeral.

I sacrificed my son for the Country – Father of Tarwadi told CM

funeral-procession-tarwadi9CM Ashok Gehlot console Manna Lal, father of Dinesh Tarwadi

Although inconsolable by the death of his son, Manna Lal, father of Dinesh Tarwadi told CM Gehlot, “I gave my son for this country; my condition is same like a father of a brave soldier, so I am not sad at all.”

Resident Doctors of SMS Hospital could not detect the seriousness of Tarwadi’s problem – Meenastudents-leader-roop-singhRoop Singh Meena (in photo above), State Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe student front’s president told media that he was with Dinesh Tarwadi yesterday when he complained of chest pain in evening and they rushed to SMS hospital, but resident doctors could not get the real cause of his pain and after initial check up they gave pain killers and medicine for acidity.

Tarwadi asked them to arrange senior doctors, but they said that they don’t have any serious problem.

“If they would have done ECG or at least indicated the seriousness of his problem, we could save Dinesh Tarwadi”, said Meena who was present in Udaipur to attend the funeral of deceased Tarwadi.


Dinesh Tarwadi – Leader of poor and needy


Always known for his down to earth personality, Dinesh Tarwadi was considered to be the leader of needy and poor fraternity. He was often seen sipping cup of tea at road side stalls, chatting with locals.


Dressed in his symbolic turban, Dinesh Tarwadi was even praised by opposition members and identified for his joyful persona and always ready to help. Tarwadi is responsible for many important projects started in Rajasthan to support SC/ST and entire population’s development.


Dinesh Tarwadi is survived by his father, brothers, wife and children (Deepak, Ravi and Preeti).

Brief Biography of Dinesh Tarwadi

Dinesh Tarwadi was born on 10 September 1969 at Ramnagar, Rajsamand District. Dinesh Tarwadi was son of Mannalal and Sundar Bai.

Before joining the post of vice president of Scheduled Cast Commission of Rajasthan, Tarwadi served various other positions in the State that include, member of State Safai Karmchari Commission etc.

He was dedicated to uplift the underprivileged and low caste communities of the State and also contributed in various development projects.

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