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[Movie Review] Go Speechless with Barfi!

Barfi - Movie

Recognize that urge of watching a really nice and a warm movie but not realizing the type of plot that would calm the wretched desire? ‘

Barfi!’ might do the trick for you! Every second of the movie is pleasant, every moment is beautiful and every frame is complete. Ranbir Kapoor as Murphy (Barfi) is insanely fun to watch, though a little shadowed by Priyanka Chopra’s Jhilmil.

The movie is about Barfi, a recalcitrant man with a speech and hearing impairment working out his life by his methods, but is ruled by Jhilmil, an autistic girl who happens to be Barfi’s oldest (and most faithful!) friend.

To talk about the main character, Barfi, he is a mute meddler of the ways of the world with an energy that makes it difficult to sympathize with him. He is portrayed as the Indian version of Charlie Chaplin. In fact, a cut-out poster of Charlie Chaplin is flashed during the first ten minutes of the film as a respectable nod to the hero of his era.

He walks through many heart breaks but they stay out of focus. The audience isn’t even given time to adapt to the new development in his state and the film takes a new turn changing Barfi yet again.

Then enters Jhilmil in his life becoming the source of financial help he desperately needs! In her he finds a true friend and a faithful partner. As narrated, she is a person who needs extra love to be understood and Barfi fits. The love they share is beyond any measurement which keeps the film rolling. I specifically remember the scene when they show a dishevelled Jhilmil making it obvious to Barfi that he’s stuck with her. He had no clue what was to come!

Among these two, Shruti is caught admiring Barfi from a distance following his Mum’s decent advice. Her face is almost always contorted in pain as she contemplates what’s to be done.

The movie runs at a fast rate. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve already seen some of the punches of the first half of the movie; the second is what’s going to surprise you. The story isn’t easily understandable, lest you try figuring it out before the twists! It took me all of the 151 minutes of extreme concentration to sort out the jumbled script.

The major part of the story is based in Darjeeling and hence the background always pleases. Watch out for the sub-inspector reminiscing about his time chasing Barfi down the streets of Darjeeling and keep your ears open to hear Barfi uttering rare little screams.

The background music is amusingly fresh and will tingle your heart once you forget the fact that it’s given by Pritam. The man can never be trusted!

The songs aren’t situational but don’t disrupt the flow of the movie. They make good use of the time to relate the characters to the audience in a better way.

I need to add that ‘Barfi!’ is a movie that must be watched once with your entire family. There is no profanity or vulgarity (except a brief Barfi-Shruti kiss) to upset and hence the activity will open your heart out. This is a movie that isn’t very serious but is meant to be enjoyed with a light-heart.

For the movie buffs out there, this is a yet new attempt by Bollywood to deliver class, and it succeeds in a grand way. Do check this one out! Everything is so wonderful that you would almost forget that the extravaganza is supposed to end as well. The direction is creative and the type of acting that Ranbir and Priyanka deliver is award-deserving. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ranbir grabbing his third and Priyanka grabbing her fifth Filmfare award!

Finally, if asked to score it over points up to ten, I’d present a nine with a thumbs-up to the brilliant team for gifting us the sweetest movie of this year.

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