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[Movie Review] Kai Po Che: Sensitive, Soulful and Brilliant


Cast: Amit Sadh, Sushant Singh Rajput, Raj Kumar Yadav, Amrita Puri Director: Abhishek Kapoor Genre: Drama Rating: 4/5 Movie Reviewed at: PVR Cinemas, Udaipur

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Once in a blue moon a movie is made that touches you deep down and is poignant enough to pull your heartstrings; a movie that will stay with you long after the credits roll down. Kai Po Che is one such affair that stirs around your heart and spawns a moving portrayal of relations and ambitions against the backdrop of Gujarat riots that happened back in 2002.

Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel, “The Three Mistakes of My Life”, Kai Po Che is a quintessential tale about friendship, dreams and getting back on your feet after being broken down into pieces. It follows the bend of three protagonists, Omi (Amit Sadh), Ishaan (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Govind (Raj Kumar Yadav) whose lives were altered by the happenings that were out of their control and were governed by a single king, fate!

There comes a scene in the post-interval period in which two characters run through the streets of Ahmedabad and upon forgiving, they embrace each other as the camera revolves around them. Right in that fleeting instance, with breathtaking music playing in the background, you realize the achievement of Abhishek Kapoor, the director of Kai Po Che, in etching out characters that are realistic and authentic to the hilt.

Right from the solid writing to the outstanding acting from its cast, Kai Po Che impresses technically in all the departments. Be it the atmosphere of Gujarat or the violent rendering of riots or be it the soils of a cricket pitch, everything felt genuine and the emotions were heart wrenchingly honest.

The director, Abhishek Kapoor has done a scintillating task of giving Kai Po Che a profound and a weighty appeal. The insightful details and the moments were strikingly moving and if you have read the novel, get ready for a wave of nostalgia to sweep over you.

Howsoever daring Kai Po Che might be in its theatrics, being an adaptation of a famous novel works in a negative manner as the audience already knows the fate of the characters. Some of the effect of its climax was reduced as we were already acquainted with what was going to unfold on the screen way before the movie started. But instead of the destination, it was the journey of Kai Po Che that was of utmost importance and in that, the team has struck gold.

This coming-of-age saga of the three youngsters escalates from the ground into fascinating heights and culminates at a very high point. Kai Po Che is the warm center of the emotions we feel around us. Strongly recommended!

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