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Movindia Summer Camp: Fun paradise for Kids this Summer

summer-campSummer camps are the best way for kids to enjoy, learn and participate in various activities during the summer vacations. But, almost all the camps focus on one or two activities only which could be boring.

To counter that, Movindia has come up with a unique summer camp in the city of lakes that will have many indoor, outdoor, sports, fun, art and other activities for the kids to choose from.

Why should kids go to summer camps?

Going to summer camp is a very smart way to spend the summer holidays so that our children do not end up wasting their time in front of television. It is a time when a young mind can learn a new art and have a lot of new experiences which he is not able to have in monotonous schedule of the school.

What Movindia Summer Camp offers?

The summer camp at Movindia center Udaipur will have a lot of interesting options for the kids such as Music, Theatre, Dancing, Drawing, Painting, Calligraphy, Clay modeling, Frisbee, Capo-era, Hiking and Trekking etc.

Also there will be a daily sessions devoted to the all-round development of the child which include physical activities like yoga in the morning and a reading session in the afternoon to cultivate a love of reading in children.

How this Summer Camp is different from other summer camps?

Nowadays, summer camps are becoming as monotonous as the school; they have become a second school for the child. A summer camp where one goes to learn guitar ends up learning a little guitar and nothing else. Even the knowledge of music he got in those guitar ‘classes’ fades away when he comes back to another year of school.

Same can be said for the rest of the summer camps which are uni-dimensional and offer ‘classes’ to the children of only one subject. The whole idea of summer vacation becomes absurd because the child feels nothing in the name of fun.

At Movindia, a child can experience a lot of different arts and physical games and decide his interests by experiencing them rather than watching them on TV. The one month program is an integrated summer camp for children aimed at their multidimensional development.

Dates and timings for the camp?

Organizer Jayesh Mohta informed that the summer camp will start from 15th May and will end on 20th June. The timings will be from 7:30 in the morning till 2:30 in the afternoon.

How to Register?

For registrations and other information, one can call @ 08441016544.

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