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Mushayra strucks the chord at Murari Bapu event

The splendid religious event of Murari Bapu in Nathdwara Festival had its eigth day today, where in the evening a Mushayra was organized in which Shayars from Pakistan and India were present.

Speaking on Love, Bapu said, “Love need not be emphasized, it’s mutual and should be prolonged. A constantly growing love is a successful one. It’s not a subject of rush, you need to be calm to handle it”.

He also said, “One should be open to changes, it’s the law of nature”. He also talked about ego, religion, honesty and morals.

He motivated everyone to try and learn Sanskrit as he said, “Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and it should be treated like one, at least amongst us”.

The series of cultural events in the fest was concluded by organizing a Mushayra in the evening.

Shayars including Shakiludin Shakil, Akil Nomani, Mansoor, Usmani, Waseem Barweli, Nida Fazli, Shakil Azmi, Malik Jada Javed, Mallika Nazmi, Dipti Mishra, Alina Itrat Rizvi and others were present to make the evening memorable.

Shayaris struck a chord with the listeners who praised each one of them stretching the evening longer.

It was also the biggest day in terms of gathering with more than 1 lac devotees listening to Bapu’s recital of Katha. Dr. Pritam B. Yashwant, Distt. Collector, Rajsamand got stuck in a jam for an hour caused by a huge turnout.

2.5 lac people had their meal and Prasad in Ram Rasoda.

Many political faces including Girija Vyas, Brij Kishore Sharma, Kiran Maheshwari, Chandra Singh Singhvi, Kalyan Singh and Lal Singh were present in the event.

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