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Muslims prepare for Eid ul Adha Festival


Following the Islamic festival of Eid ul Adha which is on 16th Oct 2013, Bakra Mandi at Hathipol observed large number of people buying goats for sacrifice.

Muslim community of Udaipur has already started the preparation of Eid ul Adha which marks the completion of Annual Hajj Pilgrimage.

A buzz in the Muslim neighborhoods of the city is also been noticed, with cleaning of houses and buying new clothes. The community is all set to mark the auspicious day with offering prayers and conducting sacrifice of an animal.

Sacrificing an animal is one of the essential customs performed by Muslims on this day. The custom is attached with an historical incident which occurred thousands of years ago when Prophet Abraham was directed by God to sacrifice his own son Ismail. However it was an ordeal by God to test the Prophet’s divine love for him.

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    Looking forward to increase my protein content. Will not be able to visit all my Muslim friends, request them to save my portion and I will collect it.


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