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Nathdwara-Udaipur Flyover to go Four-Lane

The flyover on the proposed Nathdwara -Udaipur four-lane road of National highway No-8 would also be made four-lane.

The approval was given by C.P.Joshi (Minister of Transport & National Highway) in the review meeting of National Highway Authority held in Jaipur. The acquisition land is also ordered by the Minister.

four-lane-highwayC.P.Joshi attended a review meeting of the National Highway Authority, the Public Words Department (PWD) and the representatives of the ministry at the conference room of the Rajasthan State Road Development and Construction Corporation.

He revealed that highways are developed under BOT-Build, Operate, Transfer, till it doesn’t become a part of the large project. He also expressed concerns about the small pits & patches on the roads, which should be made smooth. He said that the state should use money given on time and try to complete the project in prescribed deadline.

“There are various cases where roads after being declared national highways, have brought more harm than good to the state. With the declaration of these roads as national highways, the state has taken these roads off their budget while the National Highway Authority and the Centre have kept work on them pending much against the expectations of citizens there. Therefore, it is important to begin work on such roads immediately,” he stated.

He also expressed his expectations of timely shifting and delivery of goods and raw material for the construction of roads.

(source-Times of India)

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  1. vijay says

    The dividers on four lanes look good with vegetation, however the cattle of villages like to brows here and have this habit of suddenly coming on the road causing disastrous accidence. The wonder kids of NHAI should look in to this.
    Is CP Joshi insinuating that the money given by the center is not utilsed on time or… maybe the State Gov should address this concern and comment!

  2. sanjay says

    Roads laid down the foundation for development,state should take seriously on such issues udaipur is hot tourist spots good roads will decrease the time to complete the journey.it attracts more people to come and good for local commuters teachers and govt servant who up down near by villages.


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