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National Voters' Day: Discussion on Voting and Voters

voterToday, on the occasion of National Voters’ Day, a discussion session was hosted at Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust, to understand and share thoughts on importance of voting and voters.

Various educationists, social workers and officials of the trust participated in the discussion. Professor Arun Chaturvedi, former HoD of Political Science and Director of Kota University expressed his views on voting and voters of India.

“In democracy, right to vote is the most important public right, where public can directly get in touch with the government; in western countries, the right to vote has witnessed lengthy struggles, but we Indians got it immediately after the constitution of India was implemented”, said Prof. Chaturvedi.

Continuing his thought, Prof. Chaturvedi further said, “every voter is suffered from deficiency and confusion and he/she should be alert of the insatiable offers and challenges”.

Sushil Dashora, former director of Lok Shikshan Sansthan said, “Republic of India is successful because we have received voting rights, which gave us honor and power after Independence; though that time many Indians were illiterate, but they have proved their power.”

Anil Mehta, Principal of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, Tej Shankar Paliwal social activist, Nitesh Singh Kachhawa and Nandkishore Sharma Secretary of the trust also shared their views on voters and right to vote.

They appealed that, every citizen of India should stand above all differences including, caste, tribe or rich and poor and should use their voting rights without any partiality, that is the only way to make the country strong and flourishing.

2 years ago

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