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NCC Cadets appear for C Certificate test


Around 620 cadets of National Cadet Corps of Udaipur division have appeared for ‘C’ Certificate Exam at MB College Ground today.

NCC Cadets, both boys and girls of all three wings including Army, Navy and Air Force have given the exam for the highest certificate as Cadets. The Test started at 10 am and concluded at 1 pm, after which there was a physical ability test that was carried out till evening.

According to information provided by higher officials, ‘C’ certificate is considered as the highest credential for cadets in NCC. Trainees passing this exam with A and B grade score will be availed with number of advantages like admission in SSB without opting for the written exam and can also gain 5% marks in other competitive exams in future.

This test was conducted at centres in Udaipur, Bhilwara and Ajmer simultaneously, under their respective Commander. There were 70 cadets in the Navel wing, 64 in Air Force and a major share was of Army with 436 cadets. ncc-cadets2

In the batch of 620 cadets there was a striking composition of girls with 210 and boys 410, while the question was taken out from the daily training provided to them in the past, including weapon handling, parade and rules to follow.

Group Commander I.S. Sehedeva, said that “certificates are a very important role apart from advantages as overall personality gets enhanced in NCC, though it seems easy but actually the test is difficult to pass with good grade

After the test, all cadets started the physical examination which included parade, weapon handling, running and drills.

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