2 arrested with precious antique statues

2 smugglers arrested with antique effigies.

2 arrested with precious antique statues

2 men were arrested by Bhupalpura police and precious antique statues were recovered from them. Police got information that antique effigy smugglers were spotted in town. These smugglers were arrested near Banshi paan at Shastri Circle and had ancient brass effigies in their possession.

Police team reached the specified spot. On seeing the police, the two smugglers started running away. They were followed by police and nabbed soon. One of the smugglers Ramnath had a bag which contained 4 brass statues. Prima facie these statues appeared to have been obtained during excavation, but the smugglers did not have any documents proving the fact. Henceforth, police arrested the smugglers and are trying to find out as to who were these statues being sold to.

Smugglers Ramnath and Mahendra were in possession of these antique statues which probably are 300 to 500 years old and appear to be of Jain deities. Ancient script has been engraved on these statues. Police is trying to find details of these 4 brass statues which are of 650 gms, 1 kilo 600 gms, 3 kilo 40 gms and 5 kilo 700 gms respectively.

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