2 women stealing iron rods arrested while 2 escape

Women try to steal construction material in Ambamata area.

2 women stealing iron rods arrested while 2 escape

A construction is going on in Parshuram Colony in Ambamata area. A lot of construction material is lying for building UIT community hall. 4 women attempted theft here late night on Saturday. It was around 3:30 a.m. when these 4 women attempted to escape with the iron bars. As informed by Om Sharma, he was sleeping when he heard the sound of police patrol jeep alarm. The alarm awakened him and his neighbour Kantilal Meena. Kantilal randomly looked out of the window and saw that 4 women were moving out of the building under construction carrying iron bars on their heads. He suspected this late night activity when he saw that the women returned in a short while to carry some more iron rods. He started shouting after understanding that it was a theft attempt.

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After hearing him shouting, Om Sharma also came out of the house. Meanwhile the women tried to run away in the direction of Madar nahar. Police was informed immediately who came and arrested 2 of these women. 2 women escaped into darkness. UIT contractor was also informed. Police is now interrogating the arrested women to find more details about the theft.

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