9 involved in flesh trade arrested from a hotel in Udaipur

Sex racket busted in Hotel Payal.

9 involved in flesh trade arrested from a hotel in Udaipur

Police received information about flesh trade being carried out in Hotel Payal in the industrial area in Umarda. Posing to be a customer, one of the policemen went to the hotel and approached the hotel staff and the agent. The deal was booked for 1000 rupees. The ‘customer’ then took a young woman to one of the rooms in the hotel and signalled the other police team waiting outside the hotel. The police team immediately rushed into the hotel and nabbed all the females along with the agent who brought the females to the hotel.

The females are from various parts of the country namely Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad etc. There were 8 females who have been arrested. Since the hotel manager was not available, he is being searched for by police.

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The females were interrogated by police who revealed that they keep relocating every week to increase their networking. They even pass the numbers of the agents dealing in flesh trade to the females who hunt for work in this direction. This way they keep exchanging the numbers of the agents and keep on working.

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