9 year old girl leaves home-Untraceable

A 9 year old girl leaves home because of fighting parents.

9 year old girl leaves home-Untraceable

A 9 year old girl left her home carrying a bag of clothes and some cash. As per news, Poonam Chouhan (9) D/o Chandan Singh Chouhan left from her residence in Bhuwana. She is untraceable since then.

Chandan Singh said that he and his wife left for work in the morning as per their usual routine. Both of them work as labour. When they returned home after their schedule was over, they didn’t find their daughter anywhere. Chandan Singh accused his neighbour Rupli, who hails from Bihar, of abducting the little girl. When police interrogated Rupli, he denied any such incident. In fact he gave a new turn to the case saying that the little girl could have left home because the parents fought every day. He said that the little girl was disturbed due to her parents’ routine arguments.

On the other hand, when police started inquiring from Chandan Singh’s wife, she said that the girl was at home when she returned from work. Then she took some time off for getting fresh and when she returned she didn’t find the child at home. She also took a bag of clothes and some 400 rupees along with her while leaving home.

Police searched all the places where the child could have gone but didn’t get any clue anywhere. The child’s maternal uncle accused Chandan Singh of torturing both the child and her mother.

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