Accused in knife attack case arrested

Youth involved in knife attack arrested by police.

Accused in knife attack case arrested

A youth was attacked by some others after an argument regarding overtaking on the road. The youth was on his way with his fiancée in Hiranmagri area.

Grinesh Mathur has been arrested for attacking Chetan after they had an argument regarding overtaking. It may be noted that 4 days back Chetan was going somewhere on a two-wheeler with his fiancée when some youths overtook him. It has also been reported that they started passing comments on the girl and then blocked the way of Chetan with their bike. They used abusive language as well when Chetan opposed to their act. The argument was not taken lightly by the youths on bike and one of them took out a knife and attacked Chetan on hand and stomach. The other youths also indulge in physical fight with the couple. Hiranmagri police has arrested all these youths. Grinesh has been arrested for attacking with knife while the others have been detained. Police has also seized the bike and the knife used in the attack.

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