Accused of knife attack in Surajpole area arrested

3 men arrested in a case of knife attack on Friday night.

Accused of knife attack in Surajpole area arrested

A man was attacked on 10th May by 3 people with knife in Khatikwara area of Surajpole. These 3 accused have been arrested on Monday and sent behind bars. Vinod Mali, Vijay Mali and Luv Salvi have been arrested for attacking Dharmendra Chouhan late night on 10th May.

Reportedly, Vinod was living with his female friend. This female was sent some messages by Dharmendra. When Vinod learnt of this incident, he along with 2 of his friends first confronted Dharmendra and later attacked him with knife when the argument went beyond extent. The attackers fled after injuring Dharmendra and were arrested on Monday night based on Dharmendra’s complaint.

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