Are you being approached by an authorised TTE??

QR codes to be issued to TTEs for authenticity.

Are you being approached by an authorised TTE??

Public has been troubled by a number of unauthorised/fake TTEs in trains in the past. Whether you are being approached by an authorised TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner) or not is a big question. To tackle with the issues of fake TTE threatening public with wrong or inappropriate ticket and asking for extra charges, Railway has started issuing QR codes to all the authorised TTEs. These QR (Quick Response) codes will enable a passenger to find out about the authentication of the TTE.

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As of now, the facility has been started on trial basis at Thane station of Mumbai wherein 18 TTEs have been issued QR codes. Passengers can scan this QR code and get to know of the authenticity of the ticket examiner. Once this facility proves to be successful, it will be enforced throughout railways.

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