ATM on fire on Banswara-Udaipur highway|Cash burnt

ATM and the money inside gets burnt to ashes.

ATM on fire on Banswara-Udaipur highway|Cash burnt

An ATM caught fire on Banswara-Udaipur highway on Wednesday late night. There were 20 lakh rupees in the ATM which got burnt to ashes. A pick-up van parked outside the ATM also got burnt.

It was around 1:30 a.m. when the AC room of the ATM caught fire due to short circuit. The fire spread quickly burning 20 lakh rupees, the ATM machine and even a pick van that was parked outside the SBI ATM. The security guard ran for life when he heard the explosion in the ATM room. As per information, the ATM is installed in the ground floor of Rohit Patel’s house. The short circuit caused explosion and the fire spread quickly burning down all the cash inside the machine. Everything had burnt to ashes much before the arrival of fire brigade.

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