Boy escapes with 3 lakh rupees from bank

A boy escapes with 3 lakh rupees from bank manager's table.

Boy escapes with 3 lakh rupees from bank

A boy escaped with 3 lakh rupees from a bank at Bhindar-Udaipur road. The incident happened on Friday at around 3 p.m. in Bank of Baroda. As per reports, a farmer from Balicha near Udaipur visited Bank of Baroda on Friday.

Kevji Dangi had taken loan from the bank. He went to deposit a part of the loan amount which was 3 lakh rupees. Since it was lunch time by the time he reached the bank, he waited for the manager to get back to his seat after lunch. When the manager returned, he asked Kevji to fill the deposit slip. Kevji left the plastic money bag on the manager’s table and went to fetch a slip. In the meantime, the bank manager probably got busy with something else. A boy who was keeping a watch on the farmer went to the manager’s table, picked up the money bag and escaped from the scene.

When Kevji returned to the manager’s table, the money bag was missing. The manager then looked around but did not find the money bag anywhere. He then checked the CCTV footage of the bank and noticed a young boy around 15-16 years of age picking up the bag and running away with it. Police were informed who searched for the boy everywhere. They searched for about 15-20 kilometres area but the boy was not to be found anywhere.

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