Bouncers to replace Home Guards for MB hospital security

Bouncers appointed as security guards for MB hospital.

Bouncers to replace Home Guards for MB hospital security

The responsibility of security of MB Hospital is now in the hands of Mewar and Panna Dhay Security agencies. The contract has been given to these agencies as the Home Guards jawans were not able to keep a check on theft and security, as informed by the Superintendent of the hospital.

61 Home Guard jawans were appointed for security purposes in MB Hospital. It has been observed that too many theft and security issues arose even in the presence of these jawans. Each jawan was being paid 22000 rupees as monthly salary but this proved to be useless. Hence the authorities decided to appoint bouncers on contract basis from Mewar and Panna Dhay Security agencies on a package of 10000 each. 80 bouncers will henceforth take care of the security in the hospital.

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The authorities claim that these bouncers are well trained and they will also be provided training for dealing with fire fighting systems and all kinds of emergencies. As informed by the Home Guards Commandant Pranay Jasoria, all the jawans have been taken off the security as per the instructions of hospital administration. Only 19 jawans have been appointed for the female wards. It has also been pointed out that it may be a difficult task even for the bouncers to keep a check on the incidents of theft happening very often in the hospital.

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