CBI interrogates account holders-Syndicate Bank scam

CBI starts interrogating relatives of Bharat Bomb in Syndicate bank scam.

CBI interrogates account holders-Syndicate Bank scam

CBI interrogated some account holders on Thursday following their doubtful role in Syndicate Bank scam. The CBI team reached Udaipur after the arrest of Bharat Bomb who is in judicial custody for the past one year.

The Central bureau of Investigation team constantly interrogated 8 account holders in a house located at 100 feet road in Shobhagpura. Some female account holders, too, have been interrogated by CBI. Though the identities of the above mentioned account holders have not been revealed by CBI, yet it is obvious that these are the people who are related to Bharat Bomb in some or the other way and transactions worth crores of rupees have been have been carried out through their accounts.

As per sources, a transaction of 30 crore rupees has been done by 3 of these account holders with other banks. Now CBI is all set to question the bank officers about the huge amount of money in the accounts of these people. They will also investigate the details related to buying of stamp papers from the registry offices.

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