Chain snatching in Hiranmagri-When will this stop??

Jewellery snatching is increasing in the town.

Chain snatching in Hiranmagri-When will this stop??

When will the people feel safe and secure in Udaipur city? Everyone likes to wear some or the other jewellery, of course it is not meant to be kept inside lockers all the time. But the incidents of people being robbed and duped off their jewellery seem to know no end.

Yet another chain snatching has happened in Hiranmagri area. Tuesday night at 9:30, a woman was on her regular walk schedule in Tagore Nagar area of Hiranmagri when 2 men on a bike snatched the gold chain from her neck and sped away. These men on the pretense of asking for some location went near the woman and grabbed the opportunity of snatching the gold chain from her neck. The woman shouted for help but the men sped away and disappeared into darkness. The woman went home and narrated the incident to her family members who went to report it to the police station much later.

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