Civil Engineer arrested for the deaths in sewerage chamber

Civil Engineer held responsible and arrested for the death of labour in sewerage chamber.

Civil Engineer arrested for the deaths in sewerage chamber

4 cleaners died in the sewerage chamber on 28th August. Suffocation is said to be the main reason behind their death. The civil engineer has been held responsible for the deaths and has been arrested by police.

The civil engineer Rajkamal Maurya has been arrested for his negligence which resulted in the death of 4 men in the sewerage chamber. He has been accused of letting the men go in the chamber without proper resources. Rajkamal hails from Lucknow and has been working in Udaipur since past 1 year.

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The engineer said that the chamber in which the 4 men died has 2 other connecting chambers. The chamber was clogged with filth due to rains. The road above the sewerage line had sunk and labour was called to spread concrete over the road. Then they were instructed to repair the chamber as well. When the 4 men did not come out of the chamber for long, he asked for help from the public around. By this time, all of them had died. Post mortem reports revealed that suffocation was the reason behind the deaths. Different organisations met with ADM (Admin) and demanded that the families of the deceased must be compensated with 10 lakh rupees each.

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