Complaints of fraud against OYO Hotel Company

OYO Hotels company accused of fraud.

Complaints of fraud against OYO Hotel Company

Some hoteliers of Udaipur have accused the online booking company OYO Hotels of fraud. A showdown was carried out and administration has been appealed to take immediate action against the company.

The hoteliers said that OYO Hotels Company gave a lot of offers to the hotels at the time of joining but did not fulfil any of the commitments. A lot of hotels have a huge amount outstanding with OYO but the company is not giving any satisfactory response about the remittance of this amount. The representatives who approached the administration in this direction are Tejendra Singh Robin, Dr CP Agrawal, Aniruddh Singh, Umesh Bharadwaj, SS Hooda, Abhiyant Singh, Vinay Jain, CS Kothari, Deepak Mathur, Hemant Soni, Mahim Jain, Sanjay Sharma, CP Singh, Mohnish Khan, Ashok Kothari, GL Tank and a few others.

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