Dog stolen from police lines retrieved

Police dog stolen and retrieved.

Dog stolen from police lines retrieved

On Monday evening, an Australian dog was stolen from police lines. The dog was retrieved on Tuesday night.

An Australian dog belonging to police constable Ramesh Bhavsar was stolen from police lines at Surajpole area on Monday. During the search operations, the constable along with his friends checked CCTV footages of nearby shops. They spotted the Australian dog in CCTV footage of a shop at Reti stand. Man stealing the dog has been warned and the dog has been handed over to the police constable.

As per reports, a man picked up this Australian dog while it was outside police constable’s residence. Children playing on the road saw this and even shouted out but the man managed to escape from there. During investigations, the man with this Australian dog was spotted in CCTV footage. The man on bike was carrying bags of a particular company. Based on the name of this company, police contacted the company and got details of this man. The dog was retrieved from this man.

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