Father and daughter nabbed for cheating

Father and daughter arrested for cheating people in the name of marriage.

Father and daughter nabbed for cheating

A father-daughter duo has been nabbed for cheating people in the name of marriage. Police team from Chittorgarh raided a house in Savina area and arrested a father-daughter duo who was living in a rented accommodation.

As per Chittorgarh police, this duo had cheated a number of people in Chittorgarh. They even collected around 50 lakh rupees from the victims and were absconding since long. Resident of Begu, Shyam Sharma and his daughter were being searched by the police after receiving complaints from people. They even cheated a lawyer who sought police assistance in this case.

Recently this duo cheated a family in Udaipur and had some property transferred in the daughter’s name. Reportedly the property is worth a crore of rupees. Police got information that Shyam Sharma was living in Udaipur in Savina area with his daughter. Their placement was traced via mobile call location and finally on Thursday night, police could reach the exact address and arrest them. Police has now taken them to Chittorgarh for further investigations in the case.

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