Female staff accuses driver of misconduct

Female staff of MB hospital accused driver of misconduct.

Female staff accuses driver of misconduct

A female staff in MB Hospital has accused blood bank driver of misconduct. A ward helper in MB hospital in her written complaint to blood bank in charge said that the blood bank driver Amar Singh behaved inappropriately with her.

As per the complaint, driver Amar Singh made inappropriate gestures towards her and behaved indecently. Her complaint has been forwarded to Hospital Supervisor Dr. Vinay Joshi. Dr. Joshi said that the driver was appointed by college administration through Rajasthan AIDS Control Society. The complaint has hence been forwarded to Principal Dr. DP Singh.

The Principal has assured of action against the driver after proper investigations. On the other hand, the driver says that the complaint against him is based on fake grounds and that he did no such thing as accused by the female staff.

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