Fire in Miraj Plant-No casualties

Fire destroys products worth lakhs of rupees in Miraj plant.

Fire in Miraj Plant-No casualties

FMCG Miraj Plant in Ghoda Ghati alongside Udaipur-Gomti four-lane was on fire on early Sunday morning. Products worth lakhs of rupees and 2 trucks inside the plant got burnt to ashes.

At 4 a.m. on Sunday, security guard in Miraj Plant saw smoke coming from basement. He informed manager Prakash who called for fire brigade immediately. Fifteen minutes later fire brigade reached the spot. The plant makes snack products. Before fire brigade could reach the plant, Miraj staff tried to douse the fire using fire extinguishers. Fire brigade tried to control the fire but had to call for 8 more vehicles since the massive fire was spreading at speed. By 2 p.m. fire could be controlled. The situation was so bad that until evening no one could get inside the plant to assess the situation.

Miraj Plant produces a variety of snacks and other ready-to-eat food products. Tonnes of raw material and packing material were kept in the basement of the plant. Rolls of plastic pouches, hundreds of ghee containers, spices, flour sacks, packing material, empty containers etc. were in the basement which got burnt. Just above the basement there is a godown where finished products were stored. Some of these were safely carried out by the staff. No casualties have been reported in this incident.

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