Fire in MLSU campus on Thursday afternoon

Fire in the open area of MLSU campus.


Fire in MLSU campus on Thursday afternoon

The open space in Mohan Lal Sukhadia University campus was on fire on Thursday afternoon. As per reports, this area which is half a kilometre away from the main campus consists of dry vegetation as well. The fire could not be controlled until late night.

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As per eye witnesses, they saw fire near the Swarna Jayanti gate of the university. Since it was a windy day, fire spread quickly engulfing all the vegetation. Reportedly animal life also got burnt in this massive fire. Seeing the fire growing, all the hostel and quarter residents moved out to safety. JCB was called for breaking the boundary wall so that fire brigade could enter the area. Almost eight fire brigade vehicles made rounds but the fire couldn’t be doused until late night. Fire kept on erupting and the fire brigade vehicles had to make several rounds. It was around 8 p.m. when it seemed that fire was completely out but it kept on erupting in short intervals. The open premise has lots of green and dry vegetation which is home to animal life, but the poor animals became the fire’s prey in no time.

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