Garment showroom penalised-Consignment partly delivered

Keep all bills and proofs handy when you are expecting a paid consignment.

Garment showroom penalised-Consignment partly delivered

A garment showroom dealing in wedding attires has been penalised by the consumer forum for not delivering the complete consignment of dresses. As informed by complainant, Rajendra Gehlot resident of Banswara, visited ‘Vivah-The Wedding’ showroom at Town hall for buying wedding dresses. He said that he paid the entire amount of the consignment but did not get the complete set of dresses. When he asked the showroom to deliver the rest of the dresses, he was told that they would deliver only after the settlement of payment.

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The complainant produced all bills to the consumer forum as per which he had paid for all the dresses. Some amount was paid in cash and some by credit card. The showroom people refused to have received the entire amount. Gehlot also asked for the CCTV footages for that particular day but he was not given.

The consumer forum issued notice to the garment showroom but did not get any response from them. The forum then gave their decision against the garment showroom directing them to pay penalty against mental harassment, court fees and interest on the amount paid by the complainant for the garments which were not delivered.

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