Innovative wedding invitation with Money plant pot

Akash vaishnav invited people for his wedding by giving money plant pots.

Innovative wedding invitation with Money plant pot

He loves nature to such an extent that he invited people for his wedding not with paper cards but with money plant pots. Akash Vaishnav from Hiranmagri Udaipur came up with this brilliant idea of spreading messages for nature conservation. Supporting “Clean and Green Udaipur”, Akash is constantly working on creating awareness among people towards the importance of environment.

He decided to invite people by giving them money plant pots and not invitation cards. As a ritual, he gave the first card to Bohra Ganesh Ji. Akash wants to give away 500 such plants in glasses with individual names and invitation printed on them. He also has plans of gifting tulsi plants to all the guests attending his wedding.

Akash says that he is connected with a lot of organisations which promote awareness for nature conservation. He thought that giving plants to people is the best way to make people love nature. Certainly an inspiring move…

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