Intelligence Wing interrogates fake army captain

Fake army captain being interrogated by Jodhpur's intelligence wing.

Intelligence Wing interrogates fake army captain

Akshay Dube who posed to be an army captain is being interrogated by Jodhpur’s Intelligence Wing. It may be noted that a hotel employee from Rajsamand had informed police about this “army captain” who had checked into their hotel and hadn’t paid since 2 months. As per the report, the impostor had taken money from people assuring them of a job in the army. When arrested by police, the impostor Akshay revealed that he had failed twice in the entrance exam for army and henceforth started cheating people.

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On Saturday, this impostor was interrogated by officials in Eklingarh cantonment area. The intelligence wing from Jodhpur also arrived and questioned him thoroughly. Akshay said that he hails from Mumbai and had checked into 2 of Udaipur hotels. Police has also checked for details from these 2 hotels. Along with this, the people who were in contact with him are also being interrogated. As of now, police says that nothing suspicious has so far been revealed in the interrogations whereas Army is keeping all the information confidential.

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