Jewellery, cash and bike stolen from a house in Pratapnagar

Thieves take away cash, jewellery and bike from a house in Pratapnagar.

Jewellery, cash and bike stolen from a house in Pratapnagar

Pratapnagar area was once again targetted by thieves. A house in Ganpati Vihar at Purohiton ki Madri became a victim this time as the family members were out of town for a wedding. Shakti Singh Rao reported the theft in Pratapnagar police station.

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As per the report, he was away to Ajmer with family on 22nd June. He had given a pair of keys to his mother who used to visit the house daily during afternoon and leave for his brother’s house every evening from there. Due to some unavoidable reasons, she could not visit his house on 25th June. On 26th morning, the neighbour’s daughter saw an almirah lying in the field area. She in turn informed Shakti’s younger brother Pavan Singh. The younger brother went to his house and was shocked to find that someone had broken in the house and taken away cash, jewellery and even the bike that was lying inside the premises. People are agitated that thefts have become a regular affair in Pratapnagar area.

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