Khau Gali-Shop owners allowed to take away supplies

Khau Gali shops opened for taking away necessary supplies before seizing them again.

Khau Gali-Shop owners allowed to take away supplies

Khau Gali-the food court- stands closed following a lot of opposition. Reportedly, on Friday 4 shops in Khau Gali were opened for time limit after the request of some shop owners made to the Commissioner and the Mayor of Municipal Corporation.

As per the request in their letter to the Municipal Corporation, 4 of the shop owners asked for permission for opening their shops to take out the supplies that were lying inside the shops. They said that the food supplies inside the shop would get spoiled if they are left inside the closed shops. Municipal Corporation took a practical approach and allowed the shops to be opened for a certain time and after the supplies were taken away, they seized the shops once again.

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It may be noted that Khau Gali was seized as the land where this food court was opened was not a converted one. As per rules, no commercial activity can be carried out on a residential land unless it is converted for commercial purposes.

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