Man absconding since 2 years arrested-Case of fraud

Man arrested after 2 years in a case of property fraud.

Man absconding since 2 years arrested-Case of fraud

Police has arrested a man in case of fraud. This man was absconding since 2017. Dhanmandi police arrested Vikram Charan, resident of Sanchore, on Friday. Manoj Agarwal of Sector 14 had filed a complaint against Vikram for property fraud. As per the complaint in August 2017, Vikram had made a deal with Manoj regarding a property in village Ranodar.

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The deal was a verbal transaction as per which Vikram finalised the selling of his 12 bigha agricultural land to Manoj in 12 lakh rupees. He took 10 lakh rupees as advance and promised to have the registry done after 2 months.  When the time lapsed, Manoj asked for the registration of the property but Vikram kept on delaying. When Manoj kept on asking for the papers, Vikram threatened to kill him.  The matter was reported to police who started searching for the culprit who was not to be found anywhere. A case of fraud and conspiracy was filed against the culprit. On Friday police received news from an informer that Vikram was spotted in his hometown. Police teams then went to Sanchore and arrested him from his residence.

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