Man arrested for selling marijuana to students

Tea stall owner arrested for selling drugs to students.

Man arrested for selling marijuana to students

A man has been arrested by Hiranmagri police for selling marijuana to students. As per reports, this thela owner was accused of selling marijuana (gaanja) inside cigarettes to students. Devendra Ameta resident of Paneriyon ki Madri has been arrested with 390 grams of marijuana which he would insert in the cigarettes and sell to the students.

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Devendra runs his tea stall in Sector 4 near Chowdhary Hospital. Upon getting information of his illegal activities, police went to the tea stall and searched through. They got gaanja from the stall. Devendra used to sell cigarettes to the students coming for tea. The ciagrettes had the drug inside them which the students would often buy from him. The case is being investigated by police.

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