Man dies in a pharma company in Madri

22 year old electrician died in a pharma company while on duty.

Man dies in a pharma company in Madri

A man died in a pharma company in Madri area. His death is reportedly suspicious as the company claims that it has not yet started any chemical operations which could affect anybody’s health in a negative manner.

22 year old Lokesh Dangi died in pharma company Golden Drugs private ltd. He was an electrician with the above mentioned company. As per reports, Lokesh vomited twice and suddenly died. Members of family and the community got agitated after getting news of his death and claim that he died because of certain chemical in the company. On the other hand, the unit head of the pharma company says that the company has not yet started any kind of chemical operations hence the family’s accusations are not correct. He also said that there is actually no chemical available in the company yet as the company will commence operations from Navratri.

Family and community members demanded that they would perform the final rites of Lokesh in the company itself. Pratapnagar police were informed who somehow managed to pacify the family members. As per this, the company owners gave a cheque of 21 lakh rupees to Lokesh’s family as compensation after which they took the body for final rites.

As informed by the security guard of the pharma company, Lokesh was on night duty with three others. One of the electricians who was on night duty informed that Lokesh was throwing up and was lying on the floor. The security guard and the electrician took Lokesh outside and tried to make him drink water but he vomited again. After this, the security guard rang up Lokesh’s sister whose husband reached the company some time later. Ambulance also arrived in five minutes and Lokesh was rushed to MB hospital but by then he had died.

The unit head of the company said that plant work is still going on and there is no chemical available in the company. The company is to commence operations from Navratra after which raw material for medicines will be prepared and sent to Delhi.

FSL team was also called who collected samples and conducted post-mortem on the body. Exact reasons of death are still not known. The family is in a state of shock and Lokesh had recently got engaged to be married after Diwali.

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