Man locked in room-Thieves make way with mobiles

Thieves lock man inside his room and take his mobile phones away.

Man locked in room-Thieves make way with mobiles

A man was locked inside his room by thieves who made way with mobile phones lying in the house. As per reports Prakash Chandra, resident of Agrawal colony at Tekri, was alone at home on Sunday. He locked up all the rooms for safety and went to sleep in his bedroom. It was around 2 a.m. when the thieves entered the house by breaking the lock of the main gate. They entered the room where Prakash Chandra was sleeping, switched on the light and searched through the almirahs and cupboards but found only 2 mobile phones which they took away with them. While going they locked the bedroom from outside. The lights were left on for a long time and this broke Prakash’s sleep. He tried to move out but couldn’t as the door was locked from outside. He called out to his neighbour from the window. In the meanwhile, the thieves ran away.

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The neighbours came and opened the lock after which they found that all locks were broken and things were lying scattered inside the house. His mobiles were gone so the neighbours rang up the police. The site has been inspected and a case has been registered by police.

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