Man’s wallet gets stolen in eye hospital

A wallet for an eye-checkup.

Man’s wallet gets stolen in eye hospital

A man’s wallet got stolen from an eye hospital in Madhuban. The man was accompanying a patient in the hospital. The incident occurred on Thursday evening in ASG Eye Hospital in Madhuban area.  Neeraj Verma from Madhya Pradesh was in Udaipur for the eye-checkup of his wife. While the check-up was going on, he felt a need to visit the wash-room. He kept his wallet on the toilet paper roll while he was inside the wash-room. While moving out, he forgot to pick up the wallet and after half-an-hour when he realised that his wallet was in the wash-room he went to collect it but did not find it there.

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The incident was reported to the hospital administration. Upon checking the CCTV footages, a cleaner was spotted to be suspicious. He had entered the wash-room 10 minutes after Neeraj Verma left. After that no one else had gone inside. The cleaner was asked about the wallet but he denied having any knowledge about it. Neeraj found his Id-card and other documents in the dustbin but the cash amounting to 23,000 rupees was gone. A report was filed in Hathipole police station. Police called for the hospital administration and the suspect but no clue has been found about the theft.

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