Marijuana recovered from an old man

Marijuana seized from an old man in Leon ka guda.

Marijuana recovered from an old man

An old man was arrested under NDPS Act (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act) by Ambamata police. He was in possession of 310 grams of marijuana. Police uprooted 575 plants of marijuana (gaanja) from his field.

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Udaipur police is on a campaign to nab drug suppliers in the city. They went to Leon ka guda on Sunday where Nirbhay Singh started running away after seeing police. When searched through, police found 310 grams of marijuana in an iron box that he was trying to hide. Upon interrogation he revealed that he was growing marijuana in his fields where it was usually concealed under lemon, guava and jwaar produce. Police has taken all the marijuana plants in their possession.

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