NCC cadet saves youth from drowning

NCC cadet saved a drowning man.

NCC cadet saves youth from drowning

NCC cadet Lakhan Yadav in inset

A youth drowning in Fatehsagar Lake on Wednesday was saved by one of the NCC boat keepers.

As per news, a group of 13 youths from Sikar came to Udaipur for a holiday trip. They reached Fatehsagar on Wednesday afternoon. One of the youths jumped into the lake for a swim. Since he was not aware of the depth of water, he started drowning. His friends shouted for help. Meanwhile NCC cadet Lakhan Yadav was at Fatehsagar to give practice sessions in kayaking to a group. When he heard the cries of help, he reached the site and was informed by the group from Sikar that their friend was drowning.

Mahesh from the Sikar group was seen in the lake trying to fight for life. NCC cadet Lakhan saw him and without wasting any more time jumped in the lake. Lakhan even got injured as he got stuck in the kayaking rope in water but managed to free himself. He did not bother about his own injury and succeeded in pulling Mahesh out of water. As per Lakhan, a minute’s delay could have resulted in the man drowning in the lake.

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