Noise pollution is keeping the birds away

Let the music be recreated soon with flip flap and waves.

Noise pollution is keeping the birds away

Bird count in Lake City has dropped down to a great extent. The reason stated behind this is noise pollution and boating in the lakes. The areas in Fatehsagar Lake which were flocked by a lot of birds in the past are now seen almost empty. It has been pointed out by the bird lovers that the operation of boats and noise pollution is responsible for keeping birds away from the lake.

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Now that the lake deepening project in Fatehsagar is going on, UIT is also paying attention to recreate the bird islands in the lake. The soil of the lake is also being used to rebuild islands where dry tree trunks are being placed to create a resting place for the birds. 4 such islands have been created and hopes are on that birds will soon find place in the lake once again. Let us hope and pray that the flip flap will soon provide music to ears when combined with the music of the waves.

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