Panther attacks again-Proposal sent to declare it a man-eater

Man-eater panther re-attacks.

Panther attacks again-Proposal sent to declare it a man-eater

While the villagers were having discussions with the forest department late night about the recent panther attack, the panther leapt again and took away the dead body of the boy. This has created immense terror among the villagers. The body was then found in torch light hardly 100 metres away from the spot.

As per reports, the forest department formed a committee and the proposal was sent to the relevant officers for having the panther declared as man-eater. The report also demands that permission must be provided for shooting the panther. Panther expert from Jaipur has also been called for. There are all the probabilities that government will give their approval for this much needed action.

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As of now, around 110 forest officials have been appointed in 4 villages who are searching for the man-eater. Police jawans are also camping in the forest along with the teams and are on the lookout for this wild beast. If the panther attacks again, it can be shot in self-defence.

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