Postal department to pay for the lost draft

Postal Department at Chetak Circle to compensate for the lost draft.

Postal department to pay for the lost draft

In a case of lost draft, Consumer Forum has directed the postal department to pay 6080 rupees as penalty. The case dates back to 20th August 2016. As reported by Kamal Khandelwal, he filed a case against the postal department at Chetak Circle in February 2017 as the draft he sent for the payment of his son’s fees went missing due to the negligence of the postal department.

Khandelwal said that his son was under training at National Swimming Academy, Delhi. He sent a draft to his son for the payment of the training fees worth 16,415 rupees.  The draft never reached his son. Clarifying this, the postal department said that the post had reached Delhi on 28th August 2016, but got lost before distribution. As per the Indian Postal Act, 1898, Section 6, 33 and Indian Postal Code 1933, clause 66 (B), the sender is paid double the amount if the post is lost before despatch. On 19th October, the sender was asked to furnish the receipt and the claim documents which he did not do. The department also said that they will compensate for the lost draft. The consumer forum penalised the postal department with 3000 rupees each for mental agony and court fees and postal fee of 80 rupees which was paid by Khandelwal.

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